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Release of the PARE YR 2018

Atualizado: 24 de jun. de 2019

The first PARE yearly report consist of two parts:

  • The Part I addresses the fundamental objective of considering the progress towards the 23 ACARE Goals, the gap eventually remaining and measures that could contribute to its closure. The PART I of the assessment of the 23 ACARE Goals groups them in five chapters as in the Flightpath 2050 document: i) Meeting Societal and Market’s Needs; ii) Maintaining and Extending Industrial Leadership; iii) Protecting the Environment and the Energy Supply; iv) Prioritizing Research, Testing Facilities and Education.

  • The Part II considers several specific aspects related to the Flightpath 2050 objectives, such as: iv) Long-Range Air Transport; vii) Emerging Technologies relevant to aviation; viii) Cooperation beyond European Borders; ix) Attraction of Young Talent to Aviation; x) Gender contribution to Aeronautical Progress.

Introduction (Chapter 1) lists a set of 68 recommendations based on the First Year Report contents, indicating the chapters, sections and subsections where background and justification are detailed. The report and the recommendations are based on open sources of information and open for improvements and contributions from the Aeronautical community.

Consult the Report here!

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