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PARE will contribute to the regular assessment of progress, gaps and barriers of the Flightpath 2050 goals by developing roadmaps for each of the 23 Flightpath 2050 goals, indicating the evolution since the reference year 2000, the progress to be expected from current projects and the gap still remaining.

PARE specific objectives are:

1. To increase the awareness about R&D in the aviation sector

By revealing its importance for the European economy.

2. To analyse and compare the relative rate of progress towards the 23 Flightpath 2050 Goals

By identifying the main barriers, gaps and challenges.

3. To prepare a roadmap for each of the 23 Flightpath 2050 Goals

Covering 3 periods: 2000- 2015 (historic factual basis); 2015-2025 (short-medium term predicted progress); 2025-2050 (likely remaining gap and possible scenarios to close it).

4. To launch a call on novel ideas to help close the remaining gap and define scenarios for 2025-2050

By conducting questionnaires and interviews with key stakeholders.

5. To develop and provide recommendations for future actions for EU aviation research

By supporting the achievement of the Flightpath 2050 goals, through coordinated initiatives, which include the assessment of the evolution of the aviation market and of future operational conditions.

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