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PARE Recommendations Brochure is now available!

The ACARE (Advisory Council for Aeronautical Research in Europe) has provided guidelines for aeronautical research to the European Commission embodied in its Framework Programs. ACARE has produced SRIA (Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda) setting out the challenges for aeronautics in the coming decades. More specifically the report Flightpath 2050 lists a set of 23 goals organized into 5 groups.

The main motivation for the project PARE is to assess the progress towards each of the 23 ACARE goals, the gap remaining and to propose measures leading to their achievement. To 23 ACARE goals in five areas, the PARE project adds five supporting areas, leading to 35 PARE objectives that complement the 23 ACARE goals in a set of 58 Recommendations for Aeronautics Research in Horizon Europe.

This set of 58 recommendations are presented in the PARE Recommendations brochure, now available on the project’s website, which is based on PARE’s first yearly report. This dissemination material includes key information about the project and indicates the chapters, sections and subsections of the report where background and justification for each recommendation are detailed.

See the brochure by clicking in the image below!

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