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PARE project with a Special Session at the EUCASS 2019

Next week, on the 2nd July, the PARE project will be organizing a Special Session on the 8th European Conference for Aeronautics and Space Sciences – EUCASS2019, in Madrid, Spain.

EUCASS in the largest aerospace conference in Europe and is organized by the EUCASS association, founded by a group of European scientists and engineers in order to provide, on the European continent, a high quality forum for the world aerospace scientific community. It is operated by the best specialists in EU, Russia and NIS (Newly Independent States) and attracts all players, research scientists, engineers, managers and decision makers, world over. EUCASS positions itself at the service of agencies and industry and strives to reduce the time to market of discoveries in academic laboratories. Its goal is to foster the competitiveness of its end users, industry and agencies alike.

One full day of the EUCASS will be devoted to the PARE Special Session where each presentation in the session will be 25 minutes long (including questions and discussion). Papers in will be thematically arranged based on each one of the chapters of the PARE First Yearly Report – Perspectives for Aeronautical Research in Europe.

For more information please have a look on the event programme.

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