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PARE project at the Aerodays 2019-2020

On the 28th May, the PARE project participated in a Special Session on the 7 Aeronautics CSAs (Coordination and Support Actions) at Aerodays 2019-2020, in Bucharest, Romania.

AEROdays (European Aeronautics Days) is the leading event in aviation research and innovation, a solid platform to share and review the latest developments in aeronautics and air transport across the European Union.

The session featured the participation of 7 EU projects from the Last 2 calls of Horizon 2020 in Aeronautics under Topic M.G 1.5: Identification of gaps, barriers and needs in the Aviation Research focused on 7 themes addressed by 7 CSAs (Coordination and Support Actions).

The projects involved were:

  • 2016-1 – Cooperation with Ukraine: AERO-UA

  • 2016-2 – Research Infrastructure: RINGO

  • 2016-3 – International Cooperation: ICARe

  • 2017-4 – Research & Innovation: RADIAN

  • 2017-5 – Mobility: CAMERA

  • 2017-6 – Safety & Security: OPTICS2

  • 2017-7 – Progress towards ACARE goals: PARE

The special session dedicated to the 7 Aeronautics CSAs consisted of:

  • Short introductions to the EU objectives and the coherence with the CSAs;

  • Brief presentation of each of the 7 CSAs;

  • Final period for comments and discussion.

Within this session, Professor Luiz Campos, project coordinator of PARE, presented the main objectives, activities and results of the project.

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