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PARE project at the 9th World Congress “Aviation in the XXI-st Century”- "Aviation Safety and Space

The PARE project will participate at the 9th World Congress “Aviation in the XXI-st Century” with a special session. The Congress will take place in Kiev starting tomorrow until Thursday and will bring together experts in aviation and industry to share ideas on global trends in aviation security and space technology, and to discuss research results and best practices in these areas.

The PARE session will be held on-line on Wednesday and have the following presentations:

1. The role of Climate Change Levy schemes in aviation Decarbonization by 2050

2. New approaches of Sustainable Aviation Fuels

3. Gender equality potential in aviation

4. Attracting young talent to aeronautics

5. ACARE environmental goals need for change

For more information about the event please have a look at the website.

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